​​​​​The following are sources of materials for Makerspace/STEM/Design Challenge projects:

Your school’s Makerspace Cart:  Every school has one.  Click Maker Space Cart Inventory.pdf to see the tools and materials in the cart.  Randy Grey made these with schools.  If you are interested in working with wood, contact Randy at randy.grey@sd71.bc.ca

The LRC has some consumable and non-consumable items that you may request.  There is no charge for these items, except for the owl pellets.  We ask that you request these items for Makerspace/STEM/Design Challenge projects only, and that you keep in mind that our budget is not unlimited.  Click SCIENCE SUPPLIES REQUEST FORM.pdf for the list.  If you would like any items on it, please email Deb Lovett, the LRC science clerk.

The LRC has 25+ Maker Space Design Challenge Kits.  Below are some documents found in the teacher guides for them:

Design Based Learning Planning (from August 31, 2022 Pr0-D Workshop with Dawn Anderson and Joan Pearce)

Design Challenge Kit Sample Teacher Guide:  Teacher guide for Baby Bears Chair Example.pdf

Design Challenge Template with Teacher Tips:  Design Placement Teacher Guide Final.pdf

Design Challenge Template for Students:  Design Placement Student Final.pdf

Design Challenge Template for Students -French:  ADST placemat french.pdf

Design Challenge List of Challenges from Making & Tinkering with STEM:  Design Challenge Summary List.pdf

Letter to Send to Parents for Reyclable Materials for Design Challenges:  Parent Letter for Recyclable Materials.pdf

ADST Curriculum:  adst_learning_standards_elab.pdf

A Fabulous Guide to ADST/Design Challenges:  Taking_Making_into_Classrooms.pdf

How to Host a Maker Day at your School:  MakerDayToolKitver2reviseMay31e.pdf

The parents of your students:   A few weeks before starting a Makerspace/STEM/Design Challenge project, request the items needed.  If your school has someone in charge of ordering and replenishing art supplies, look into the possibility of collecting Makerspace items as well​.

Note that the LRC also has “Maker” kits filled with books only, the purpose of which is to learn about makers and inventors and be inspired.