The LRC has various resources to support the reading process.  Click on the links below to view lists of them.  Also check out the Student Services section of learn71 for other resources, lessons and tip sheets.

Decodable Books

Professional Books

Levelled Books Conversion Chart  *For Nelson “PM” and “JillE” books

Levelled Books Conversion Chart  *For Pearson “Sails” books


The LRC also has Resource Lists related to reading resources that you can access in Destiny to quickly find resources.  The link below will take you to these lists.  Scroll down until you see the lists that start with “LRC Reading….”  Note that it is best for you to access these lists, however, by logging into your school library and then clicking on Catalog – Resource Lists as in this way you will be able to directly book items you like.

Link to Resource Lists in Destiny (not logged into your school):