Jr Robotics in SD71

The Comox Valley school district is very excited to support robotics in it’s schools. Currently, you may book a variety of robots out through the LRC, as well, you may use Root Robots with your schools grade 5 classes. In addition, Dawn Anderson is working to  support NXT and EV3 robots in classrooms and clubs in all elementary schools. These robots are great for grades 4-7 and we are currently trying hard to support these in grade 6 and 7 classrooms and clubs, once students have had time with the Root Robots; however, any class may use them.

If you would like your school or class to have the opportunity to work with these please contact Dawn Anderson at Dawn.Anderson@sd71.bc.ca and she will work to get you robots and teacher support, if desired. Or, you may book your class set through the LRC.

If you have students who are really keen or are working with a club please have a look under district events as we will be having an annual district completion where students will be given challenges (easy to complex). Students will choose a challenge, then they will program and then execute for points. It is designed for beginners all the way up to experienced and it’s all just for FUN!

Please have a look at the resources on the right and reach out if you have any questions or would like to use the robots.


Here is a 5 min video that outlines the 5 basic robot builds. Students in SD71 would program them using the software, not using their phones.


Many classes and schools around the district have already been given these robots to use. If you are looking for resources please have a look at our resources to the right or contact Dawn at Dawn.Anderson@sd71.bc.ca for support.

Here is a fun little sequence of videos that models what an NXT robot can do (5 min).