Getting Started Videos

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This is a good video for getting started with using the software. He goes over the software and how to save, what the buttons do and how to program your bot to move in a straight line. This is a great first video to get your class started (12:30 min).
This video is the second from a series (video one above) that is designed to support new learners with EV3 robots. This video shows you how to drive in a square using a loop block (6:31 min).


Getting started videos

Video Information
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Khan Academy has many videos. With this, they have created a number of videos to help walk you through NTX robotics. These are the videos that I use when meeting with a group of students for the first time. Step 1: Create a Khan Account (just the teacher), HERE

Step 2: Go to Science — Electrical Engineering — Lego Robotics

Step 3: Have a look at Introduction to programing Using lego  NXT

This is a good video for getting your class started. He reviews the software and then demonstrates how to program your robot and finishes with asking you to try and recreate what he just did. It’s a great first video to show the class (5:33 min).
Here is another good little video from a student user who goes over the software and basic function (5:30 min).