Building Your Technology Toolbox – Workshop Recordings


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Using Accessibility Tools in OrbitNote PDF Reader and Writer

OrbitNote Resources on Learn71

Enhancing Classroom Instruction with Lumio for Smartboards and Brightlink

How to Use Reading Progress to Improve Fluency

In this workshop, Kara Dawson walks you through how to set up and use Microsoft’s Reading Fluency.

Click here for handouts and resources to help you with Reading Progress.

Minecraft in Education Training – Part 1

Adam Meyer walks us through Part 1 of how to use Minecraft in education. Learn how to play Minecraft and where to find resources for lessons.

Minecraft Training video - Part 1

In this workshop Kara Shares How to Teach Word Processing to Beginners:

Here are the handouts to go with it:

Teaching Word Processing to Beginners

Mystery Word Processing Lesson

Sentence Strips for Mystery Lesson

In this workshop Kara will share some of the more advanced features in Book Creator like comic books and exporting to eportfolios.

In this video Jane will take you on a quick walk through of Book Creator for the iPad.

Book Creator is a great way for students to create multimedia presentations using text, visuals and audio to present research or convey an idea. It is a wonderful entry level way for students to show what they know and have success demonstrating their learning.

In this video Jane Rondow takes you on a tour of Typing Tools Written Output Accessibility Tools

In this video Kara Dawson takes you on a tour of how to teach Typing Pal.