Students are doing more and more work using ipads and need ways to get their work off of the ipad to share with others.  There are quite a few different ways to achieve this: 

  • Use File Explorer to move them to your school’s H drive
  • Use OneDrive to move them to your Office 365 account
  • airdrop them to another ipad 
  • Put them directly into an eportfolio
  • Use Outlook email to email them to another person or computer

Here are some instructions for getting pictures off of ipads:

File Explorer – This will place your pictures, videos or documents in the school H drive. Click here for instructions.

OneDrive – This puts your picture and videos in OneDrive in your Office 365 account making it available to you on any device anywhere. Click here for instructions.


You can also use Outlook email on the iPad to attach the picture or project and email it to yourself or others:

  • Open your Outlook email in a web browser (ex. Safari or Google Chrome) or use the Outlook app on the ipad (if you would like this installed please write to
  • Start a new email (press the + )and put yourself down as the “To” (or another person)
  • Press on Attach File​ (the paper clip)
  • outlookonipad.png
  • Press Photo From Gallery​ then Photo Library
  • Select your photos
  • Press Done
  • Send your email

Other Useful Handouts:

ipadsinclassroom-Kara Dawson’s handout 

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Apple TV – Here are some instructions for setting up Apple TV with ideas of how to use it in the classroom.