Screen-Casting and Videos

Screen-Casting and Videos:

There are many different programs that you can use to record your screen and show your students what you are looking at Scroll down to find instructions for using PowerPoint or Teams to create a Screen-cast and some methods of screen-casting and creating videos on an iPad. Also, scroll down to find instructions for Sharing videos too large to email.

Screen-Casting in PowerPoint:

The Windows Office 365 version of PowerPoint includes the ability to record audio and video. You can record audio to go along with each slide, make a screen recording of your presentation or record yourself working in an entirely different program.


1.  Open the Desktop version of PowerPoint. If you are using Office 365 you can open the online app and then click on Open in Desktop to ensure you have the auto save working.

2.  Create a slide where you would like the recording to be.

3.  Make sure that if you are recording work that is in another program that you have that program open as well.

3.  Click on the Recording Tab at the top. if you do not have this tab, you can click on Insert and then look to the right of your screen to find Screen Recording.

4.  If you would like to record your PowerPoint presentation, click on ​Record Slide Show – this will take you to a simplified version of PowerPoint with your picture at the bottom right. You can draw on while you record.

Otherwise click on Screen Recording

5.  The computer will switch to the other app that you have open.

6.  Choose the recording size that they have given you or click on ​Select Area and click and drag to select the area on the screen you would like to record.

You can choose to record the audio or click on it to turn it off. If you select the mouse pointer it will record your mouse pointer.​​​​​​​​

7. Press Record

8. When you are done, press ​the stop button. If this button has disappeared from your screen, move your mouse to the top of the screen to make it reappear.

Your recording will now appear in the PowerPoint presentation that you originally opened.

When you are done, you can play around with the video editing tools and clean up your recording. You can even make your video shaped like a heart (sigh).

Screen-casting in Teams:

Creating a recording in Teams is also really simple and the recording can be made right in a Team that you are using along with your assignments and lessons.  You can also send a link to the video for people to view it.  Click here or on the picture for instructions:

Screencast in Teams

Screen Recording on an IPad/Iphone/Ipod:

You can also create great screen recordings using your i devices.  Here are some simple instructions to help you set it up:

Here is a fabulous video with instructions on how to create iMovies done by Aryn Franklin one of Speech-Language Pathologists:

How to Reduce Video Resolution Size Using iMovie

Click here to view instructions.

How to Create a Video with Screen Capture in Canvas

Thank you Christophe for sharing this.