Screen-Casting and Videos

Screen-Casting and Videos:

There are many different programs that you can use to record your screen to provide engaging instructional videos for your students.  Below are instructions on how to do this in PowerPoint, Teams, and even on your Apple mobile device.   Information about how to share these videos once created is also provided.


The Windows Office 365 version of PowerPoint includes the ability to record audio and video. You can record audio to go along with each slide, make a screen recording of your presentation or record yourself working in an entirely different program.

Click on the image below for written instructions on how to do this.

red rectangle with white writing powerpoint screen record


Creating a recording in Teams is also really simple and the recording can be made right in a Team that you are using along with your assignments and lessons.  You can also send a link to the video for people to view it.    Click on the image below for a set of instructions.

Screencast in Teams

Apple Mobile Device

You can also create great screen recordings using your Apple mobile devices.  Click on the image below for a set of instructions on how to do so.

steps to screen record on an apple device

*to record audio in the screen recording tap and hold the Screen Recording button to turn the Microphone On


Canva will allow you to record yourself AND a screen share on the camera. Save the video clips to add and edit to your design to create tutorials, instructional videos, or just a quick screen share recording.

Click on the image below to learn how to do this. An instructional sheet with instructions for screencasting in Canva

How to Upload Videos Too Large to eMail to OneDrive and Share

Instead of emailing the video file, it can be uploaded to OneDrive, and the link to the file is shared for viewing.

Click here for Instructions on how to upload videos to OneDrive to share (works on iPads and computers)

Here is a video to explain it:

How to Reduce Video Resolution Size Using iMovie

Sometimes, videos are too large to share using digital methods. In this case, they can be “resaved” in iMovie in a smaller format.

Click here to view instructions.