For those of you using ePortfolios already with your class or using a Scholantis Class Web Page, this is a natural fit.  The only thing you can’t get here is the face-to-face meeting for which you would have to use Teams.  I would suggest that if you are already doing ePortfolios you may wish to put your student assignments right into the portfolio posts. Parents would be notified, students and parents can both add to the portfolios and they can actually do all the work right in the post.  For older students I would suggest adding the Assignment feature to your class page. You can use it to assign work, collect it, mark it and move it to portfolios.

Here are some resources to help you get started:

Everything you need to know about Scholantis/My Site ePortfolios

Creating Class Web Pages 

Here is a little video to explain how to create you webpage:

Blogging with Scholantis

How to add to ePortfolios

How to do  Batch Post to Add a Post to More than One Student ePortfolio

How to Create Assignments 

How do Students Open and Submit Assignment

ePortfolio Resources