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Flip Help Page – scroll down to Educator to find detailed instructions for how to use Flip.

How to Add Flip to Teams:

Creating a Flip Tab:
Go to your Microsoft Team account either via teams.microsoft.com or the Microsoft Teams desktop app, then follow these
steps to create a new Flip Tab.

1.  Select a pre-existing channel in your team or create a new one.

2.  Select the plus button (+) to the right of your channel’s existing tabs in the upper-right corner of the Teams

3.  Scroll to Flip in the Add a tab modal and select the Flip logo. Enter the Flip Code of the Grid or Topic you would like to connect to this channel.

4.  Once it’s located, select the Save button.

Note: You can find the Flip Code by going to admin.flipgrid.com and selecting the share button
for the Grid or Topic.

Your Grid or Topic will now be added as a Flip tab to your channel.

Click here to go to the official Flip Teams Integration Guide

More Flip Resources:

Remote Learning with Flip

Discovery – Here you will find Topics that you can use organized by grade and subject (Awesome!) Log in with your Microsoft credentials

Blog – Check in here for lots of great tips and ideas!  Also click on Tips and tricks at the top,

Accessibility Tip: Flip Immersive Reader

  • Immersive Reader can be used in Instructions and Prompts and for Video Transcripts
  • Focus reading window with reading supports like text to speech, font choices, translation and picture dictionary


Flip and Accessibility

Immersive Reader comes to Flip!

Accessibility Tips: Flip

Accessibility Tip: Flip Closed Captioning

  • Automatic Closed Captions for video creations
  • Can edit Closed Captions


Flip and Accessibility

Closed Captions: editing, changing the language, and disabling

Educators: Edit Closed Captions


You Can Foster An Inclusive Classroom With Flip!