Using Canvas to Teach Online.

You can find pretty much everything that you need to learn Canvas here:  Canvas Getting Started as an Instructor

These Video guides can also help you navigate your way around in Canvas: Canvas Video Guides

This page explains how to set up Microsoft Teams meetings in Canvas: Teams Meetings In Canvas

These pages of instructions were created by a couple of our awesome teachers (Stephanie Baker and Rebecca Sulek) – Canvas 101Canvas 101

How to Create a Video with Screen Capture in Canvas

Thank you very Christophe for shareing this video.

Accessibility Tip: Immersive Reader in Canvas

Available in Assignments, Posts and Chat


Brings text into a focus window and students can use text supports:

    • Text to Speech
    • colour contrast
    • larger font sizes
    • picture dictionary
    • line focus
    • translation


Immersive Reader in Canvas 

Accessibility Tip: Keyboard shortcuts in Canvas

Support for students who are visually impaired or who have difficulty with done or gross motor skills.


Canvas Keyboard shortcuts PDF

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Accessibility Tip for Canvas

Canvas accessibility supports


Accessibility Within Canvas

Accessibility Tip for Canvas

Text prediction in Windows 10

Adds a toolbar with floating text prediction a live the cursor to help student students with spelling or word finding.


How to Enable Text Prediction for a Hardware Keyboard on Windows 10


Turn Text Suggestions On In Windows 10