Here are some AI Tools you can try:


ChatGPT – Click here ​to try it out yourself (you do have to create an account)


Bing AI – This is free and works best in the Edge Browser is created for teachers to make your job easier. You will find lesson plan makers, rubric maker and more…

School Ai

Check out Spaces in School AI – it works like a private tutor for students.  To protect personal data, they don’t need to log in.


Perplexity – This works like CHAT GPT but gives you a list of sources that it used to find your answers.

Future ToolsFutureTools – This is designed to help you find the best AI tool for the job.

Diffit for TeachersDiffit – Can translate reading or Youtube videos to any reading level from grade 2-11.  Also creates questions for you!

Image Generators:

Bing Image Creator – You can also use Bing to create images without creating an account. This is run by Dall-E. I had to make a separate account as my work Microsoft account didn’t work.

Dall-E 2Dall-E 2 – Try out this image generator (You need to create an account)

Adobe Flirefly
Adobe Firefly – Adobe’s very cool (free) AI image generatorAI

Fun with AI:

Quickdraw (and other Google AI experiments)​

Odd One Out-In this game you get to guess which image out of four choices is AI  generatedOdd One Out - Click here to get to a game where you guess which image is AI