The Comox Valley Schools Learning Network is a group of teachers who meet regularly to review the Spirals of Inquiry model and how our learning as professionals is progressing within that framework.

Here is a sample of the inquiries people are working on:

  • Using the arts to develop growth mindset in students so they see themselves as successful learners
  • using outdoor learning to engage students and connect indoor learning to outdoor experiences
  • building a story workshop model in Kindergartens so young learners grow as story tellers and writers
  • building community between schools amongst grade fives, so that when they transition to middle school they already have connection with each other
  • connecting multi-disciplinary experiences so that students develop horizontal connections in their learning

We are connected with the Centre for Innovative Educational Leadership (CIEL) at VIU and the Island Regional Network of Inquiry and Indigenous Education (NOIIE).

We are providing for a team of 11 people to attend the NOIIE Symposium “Doing What Matters Most” in May, to share their learning with other teachers and be inspired by what is happening in educational communities elsewhere.

For more information, or to join the “Learning Network” email group, please contact Jacquie: