Free ebooks and audiobooks available from Publishers

Many publishers are offering free access to their ebooks and audiobooks during this time.  Click HERE for an easy to use curated list.  If you need help using them, contact your Teacher or Teacher-Librarian.


Free ebooks and audiobooks available from our Comox Valley Schools School Library Collection

Our district Teacher-Librarian team has also curated a large collection of its own ebooks and audiobooks.  There are basically two types of ebooks and audiobooks:  Overdrive ebooks and audiobooks accessed through a separate collection in SORA, and Follett ebooks and audiobooks, accessed through logging into your school library and doing a Catalog – Destiny Discover Search.  The appeal of the Overdrive SORA collection is that it is beautifully organized and has extra bells and whistles for students.  The advantage of doing a Library – Catalog – Destiny Discover Search to pull up the Follett ebook and audiobook titles, is that you will also pull up all of the Overdrive titles, as well as all print titles in your school library.  In other words, it is one stop shopping.

For a tip sheet on the different ways to access the Overdrive SORA ebooks and audiobooks, including downloading the SORA app for portable devices, click here.

To go directly to the Overdrive SORA collection, click on or type into your browser (i.e., Google Chrome).  This works whether you are on a computer or a portable device.  Bookmark it for quick access later.  If you are ever asked to enter a school name, type in Comox Valley Schools.  If asked to log into your Follett Account, for students it is set up as Username:  student number; Password:  initials plus last four digits of home phone number.