Inquiry Connections

What is Inquiry? 

Here are some helpful teaching tools for promoting Inquiry in the classroom and a great site​ to get you started!

Check out this video!

Essential Questions – These are Big Idea questions to inspire you to explore!

An excellent list of helpful questions from Kath Murdoch​

Wabisabi Learning has an excellent list of 100 Essential Questions to get you started!

A unique list of questions based around culture/heros/language/worldview

​Picture Books to Inspire Inquiry – Look for these and other great titles in your Library Learning Commons!

Andrea Beaty Collection 3 Books Set by Andrea Beaty Be a Maker by Katey Howes The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Picture Book Edition eBook: Kamkwamba, William, Mealer, Bryan, Zunon, Elizabeth: Kindle Store The Most Magnificent Thing: Spires, Ashley, Spires, Ashley: 8601411239502: Books - What Do You Do with an Idea?: Yamada, Kobi, Besom, Mae: 9781938298073: Books -