Some Templates that you can use for planning your lessons:

Curriculum Planning Frameworkpic This template provides a simple way to organize your thoughts around the concepts that you would like to cover. Originally developed by sd#43 it is modified by our CSTs.
abedtemplatepic  This template was created by our Aboriginal Support Teachers in collaboration with Juanita Coltman.  Along with space to plan your lesson, there are ways to add Aboriginal learning to your lessons.
corecompetenciesonepagepic  This is a checklist of all of the Core Competencies
 2016-05-13 11_16_56-learning_maps_BLM (2).docx [Compatibility Mode] - Word This Learning Map can be used as a guide to teachers to categorize and integrate the “Know, Do, Understand” of the redesigned curriculum and/or also to co-create and assess criteria with students.  (The Successful Learner Traits are used to describe the competencies).
 FrenchLearningMap Ce Guide d’apprentissage te permet de planifier et d’intégrer le “Savoir, Faire et Comprendre” du curriculum et / ou de co-créer et  d’évaluer les critères de l’apprentissage avec les étudiants.  
 -Innovative-Teaching-Framework.pdf This is a “Design Framework for Innovative Teaching and Learner Success” created by teachers in Delta
 drnicholsonWord  Another nice template to help you plan a unit plan
Successful Learners Planning Template Successful Learner Template

Some points to keep in mind:

Transforming a system as complex as education takes time. (Enabling Innovation: Transforming Curriculum and Assessment, August 2012, p. 2)

Going forward, the task for the Ministry as it develops new curriculum and assessment guidelines is to remove barriers so that the curriculum is optimally manageable for teachers and allows them more freedom to find approaches that work for schools and students alike. (p.2)

Teachers should be in the position of thinking about what they can add to curriculum to personalize it and make it more relevant to learners, not questioning how they can possibly cover it all. (p.7)

British Columbia’s redesigned curriculum brings together two features that most educators agree are essential for 21st century learning: a concept-based approach to learning and a focus on the development of competencies, to foster deeper, more transferable learning. (Introduction to British Columbia’s Redesigned Curriculum, August, 2015, p. 4)