Fitcamp for Kids – Videos and Stations Cards

Fitcamp1 Station Cards

FitCamp2 Station Cards

More Excellent PE Resources:

A Guide for engaging Girls in Physical Literacy This presentation was created by one of our own Comox Valley teachers, Amanda Lange.  It is an excellent resource for engaging girls in Physical Literacy and contains research and activities to guide you.
Home | PHE Canada Let’s work together to ensure all Canadian children and youth have access to quality physical and health education programming and healthy learning environments, setting them on a path to a healthy, active lifestyle.

100 PE Games Books! Start your school year right, by getting kids happy and active, in the gym or outside, with our books! This will be the only Physical Education book you’ll need this year to guarantee to keep the most kids happy and active for the most amount of time possible throughout the day!

Rethinking What Can Be Done In Physical Education. is an online professional development resource for Physical Education Teachers and Health Specialists. Our mission is to help you become the best Physical Education Teacher you can be.   (

A cooperative game that challenges kids to throw accurately and quickly, and to run fast! (

60 Minute Kids’ Club – Physical Literacy

The 60 Minute Kids’ Club (60MKC) is a free program that supports students and elementary schools in addition to physical literacy and health strategies. The 60MKC on-line suite consists of two tools that support delivering and tracking healthy behaviours, and fundamental movement skills to students aged 5-12 years old. Scalable in nature, one class can take part, a whole grade, Continue Reading (