Writing Assessment

Assessment has the huge potential to nudge writers forward.  Comments such as, “What a great lead!” or “Such a fabulous detail!” will encourage our students to write more because their teacher notices what was done well.  Gone are the days (hopefully) where red pen marks simply correct spelling and punctuation.

Profile sheets offer a clear pattern of class strengths and stretches.  After completing, choose a specific target for explicit instruction.  Find student-friendly mini-lessons.  In a short time, you’ll be sharing tangible evidence of improvement. Students will see themselves as writers and realize their efforts pay off.


Formative Writing Profile Sheet:                   Summative Writing Profile Sheet with details as a focus:

This colour-coded profile sheet offers a                   One target was chosen for this class (adding details).  After a few

clear pattern of student strengths and                      weeks of explicit instruction, improvements were clearly seen!



Primary Class Profile Sheet

Intermediate Class Profile Sheet

(These profile sheets are best printed on large, 11 x 17 paper.)