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  1. How can we make project-based learning work for a group of diverse learners?


  1. In what ways does mindfulness/self-awareness (talking circles, check-in, mindfulness exercises, bucket filling, deep breathing, reading “The Book of Awesome”, awesome journals) impact the levels of empathy and social responsibility in our students?
  2. Will the implementation of a structured skill building math program improve the basic math skills of grade 8 students?

Assessment and IEP Work

The first topic dealt with how to assess students with IEP’s and adaptations and modifications. Staff were led by Leigh –Ellen Stoyles, our LA teacher and were shown how to access electronically the IEP’s in question and then how to adapt assessment for these students. Working with student IEP’s is a perennial problem in secondary schools and all too often they are ignored. This has helped both staff and students to achieve more success and parents have been appreciative.

The K-9 Transition

The K-9 plan, has taken up the latter part of the year and has been an ongoing process of developing ideas and beliefs into practical applications for staff. The two staffs have worked together and discussions have been led by Katy and Dave.

Describe in relation to the work of the PLC teams in your building, how this work is having a real life impact on student achievement.

As we transition from two schools to one K-9 school with two campuses our staff has appreciated the opportunity to have the time and space that this initiative deserves. In addition, our increased understanding of the adaptations and modifications as a staff wide initiative helps us plan appropriately for those students with diverse learning needs.