Professional Learning Communities exploring various ways to enhance the positive culture of schools and communities, and to increase social emotional engagement and inclusion.

What is the best way to teach friendship skills so they transfer to student’s daily life? (Ecole Robb Road/FI)

How can we increase engagement and accountability for our Gr. 9 students at Lake Trail school? “Personal connection with staff (feeling like they care) is a critical building block to student engagement and willingness to participate in classroom activities.”

Will building a strong sense of school community improve the academic success of our students. (Glacier View Secondary)

Will the recognition and encouragement of positive behaviour increase the positive culture of our school? (GP Vanier Secondary)

Explore strategies for how to avoid exclusion by peers through developing and promoting communication skills, self advocacy, and self identity (ASL – inclusion for deaf and hard of hearing students).

Chatter Board – School wide discussions on community and world topics to increase community connection. (Cumberland Elem)

How can we use our knowledge of trauma and the stress response system to better understand and support our school communities? (Courtenay Elementary)

How can we incorporate the virtue values of mandate in Airport Elementary? (Airport 2016) (*See

How will incorporating outdoor education into the curriculum help engage reluctant learners?

Through the use of Aboriginal resources can we help teachers embed Aboriginal perspectives and knowledge in all parts of the new curriculum in a meaningful and authentic way? ( separate question after an amazing journey to witness an Indian Residential School being decommissioned) FOR STUDENTS -How can we what we learn about residential schools help us be more compassionate in our daily lives?

Is the buddy bench a useful tool for improving social emotional conditions or inclusion in schools?

If we develop and nurture compassion, will connectedness in our school community strengthen?

In what ways can Kindness Club giving compliment cards, help spread kindness through the school?

How can we build community (staff and students) in our K-9 school?

Can we knit the community together (school, community and elders)?

How can we create a vibrant and engaging community school where students are excited about learning and trying new things in a safe learning space, mentored by staff and community members, engaged in life-long learning, and connected to the community in meaningful ways 

Does an intentional, structured group learning approach for social skill development result in the formation of friendships and relationships between students who have communication differences (i.e. who use alternative and augmentative communication systems) with each other and with students within the greater school community (year two)

How can opening the door for children and adults affect my students acceptance, and other children with special needs, and how can it help her with her communication?

How do we support the diverse literacy needs of our primary students? (Engaging parents, speaking common language of learning)

If students participate in caring for others, how does their social responsibility change as measured by a created social responsibility quick scale? (Intermediate)

We Will focusing on multi-aged social learning,through extra curricular opportunities provide students with a greater sense of school connectedness?(Aboriginal culture connections)

How can we build an increased sense of community among the clients and staff of satellite DL schools?

How can cultural explorations through the fine arts nurture the universal needs of, belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity?


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