Learning Outcomes Covered in Clay Animation Photo Stories:

Grade 1: Language Arts

  • A2 use speaking to explore, express, and present ideas, information, and feelings, by generally staying on topic, using descriptive words about people, places, things, and events and telling or retelling stories and experiences in a logical sequence
  • A5 use strategies when expressing and presenting ideas, information, and feelings, including, accessing prior knowledge, organizing thinking by following a simple framework,  predicting some things the audience needs to know
  • C1 create straightforward personal writing and representations that express simple ideas, feelings, likes, and dislikes, featuring ideas represented through words, sentences, and images that connect to a topic, developing sentence fluency by using simple sentences that relate to each other, developing word choice by attempting to use descriptive words and interesting details, developing voice by showing some evidence of individuality,  and an organization that follows a form or text presented or modelled by the teacher, such as a list,  card, or letter
  • C3 create imaginative writing and representations, often modelled on those they have read, heard, or
    viewed, featuring
    – ideas represented through sentences and images that generally connect to a topic
    – developing sentence fluency by using simple sentences, dialogue, phrases, and poetic language
    – developing word choice by attempting to use new and descriptive words
    – developing voice by showing some evidence of individuality
    – an organization that generally
  • C10 use some features and conventions of language to express meaning in their writing and representing, including, complete simple sentences, capital letters at the beginning of people’s names and of sentences, and capitalize the pronoun “I”, a period to mark the end of a sentence,  words from their oral language vocabulary as well as less familiar words from class-displayed lists, and appropriate spacing between letters and between words

Grade 2: Language Arts