How to Screencast on an iPad/iPhone:

To enter your world from an ipad/iphone, your first step is to create a screencast of your world.

Here are some instructions for how to ScreenCast on and iphone/iPad:

Introduce yourself/selves (first names only) and take us on a 1 minute walkthrough of your world. Point out all the special things that you have built and explain how your build will help our community.

How to put your screencast into Flipgrid:

  1. Open a browser and find FlipGrid. Enter the Join Code: sd71minecraft
  2. Click on Join with Microsoft
  3. Log in with your Microsoft account-your email address: student and the regular password that you use on the school computers
  4. Click on View 3 Topics and choose grade group
  5. Click on Record a Response
  6. Click on … Options . and then Upload clip
  7. Your recording will be in your photo gallery.
  8. follow the instructions to finish your video
  9. Take a selfie of your self or your group
  10. When you are finished, hit Submit
  11. You are now finished submitting your entry to the Minecraft Challenge.  Your video will not appear for anyone to see until it has been checked by a moderator.