Reading Comprehension:

Strategy-based Comprehension Lesson Ideas:

Developed by Curriculum Support Teachers of  S.D. #71

Making Inferences: Infer from Objects or Pictures ~ Oh, the stories our shoes tell!
Infer from body language and photos
Infer from Body Language and Photos 2
Infer from pictures: Twelve Terrible Things
Infer information from sentences
Inferring Meaning from Poems
Using Jane Yoen’s book Encounter to infer from text and pictures
Using video clips to infer
Inferring from two theme-rich picture books ~ 10 Cows for America & Ziba Came on a Boat
Infer from pictures; Infer the sequence of pictures
BCTELA workshop handouts: Explicitly teaching our students to make Inferences Oct. 2009
Determining Importance: A Note Making Lesson Sequence
How Can We Explicitly Teach Primary Students to Make Webs?
(For Grades 2 – 5 and beyond!)
Early Primary Main ideas Web ~ Mostly Oral Language!
Keep things social!: Determine Importance from short fictional stories or novels
Kid-Friendly Determining Importance Activities
Don’t tell kids how important text features are. Get them to build their own!
Making Connections: Making Connections with velcro. How fun is that?
Questioning: Asking questions about an intriguing artifact
What’s that? Getting kids to ask questions before, during and after EATING!
 Creating questions from song lyrics
Synthesizing: Synthezing: An analogy using Ukranian nesting dolls
Visualize: Visualizing ~ in French and English