Desmos Desmos

This is a graphing calculator. Instantly plot any equation, from lines and parabolas up through derivatives and Fourier series.  It’s intuitive, beautiful math. There are also some great lessons here.

*Needs informed consent if registering students

iPad, Android, Windows PC, Web Based

Interactive Telling Time Interactive Telling Time

Children can learn to tell time using these analog clock variations and manipulatives.

*Needs consent

iPad, Android


This browser-based site contains manipulatives, lessons and practice site for teachers and students to use.  Covers a wide range of topics from Algebra to Pythagorean Review.

Web Based



A complete math program for grades K-12 with worksheets, interactive activities, games and challenges.

*Needs informed consent

iPad, Web Based

Braining Camp

Digital Manipulatives to match the physical manipulatives that you use in class.  Here you can also find videos of lessons using the manipulatives. Colour Tiles, Algebra Tiles, Clocks and more.

*Needs Informed Consent for Student Use

iPad, Web Based

Zorbits Zorbits

K-3 Digital tools, hands on resources and teacher supports. Uses exciting narratives to engage and teach Math.

*Needs informed consent

iPad, Web Based