Image result for Canoe iconCanoeing – Low/Normal Risk

Image result for DotLocal, confined venue (e.g., municipal pool, pond)

Image result for DotGenerally of short duration (less than 3 hours)

Image result for DotLow inherent risk in the activity

Image result for DotClear boundaries for activity

Image result for DotNear support services: e.g., buildings or vehicles accessible

Image result for DotClose to emergency services: less than 20 minutes from EMS arrival on-site

Image result for DotLevel 1 paddle Canada certification or equivalent

Image result for DotMinimal preparation of students required; less than an hour

Planning, communications and forms for Low Risk Canoeing Activities

Grade 3+

  • Outline the Activity – Proposal for Low Risk Activity: 
      • Who (what class or group) do you want to take where
      • When
      • What activity(ies)
      • Why (goals, student learning outcomes and/or other rationale for the outing
  • Known potential risks of the activity and ways to manage these risk
  • Special Considerations specific for your group
  • Gear list for the activity
  • Checklist to track task completion
  • Parent/Guardian Consent and Acknowledgement of Risks