How Parents can Access ePortfolios

You can invite parents to get email notifications and then they only need to log in the first time they view their child’s eportfolio.
This video explains the process:

or Parents can use their child’s username and password to enter:

Following is a simple way for parents to enter My Site to see their child’s portfolio:

​1.      Visit the following website. .

2.      Use your child’s username and password to access the portfolios:

The User Name for students is their student number.

(If you have any trouble accessing the portfolio, trying adding sd71\ in front of the username.)​

Their Password should be their initials and the last 4 digits in their student number (your child may have changed it-you will need to ask them).

3.      Click on   ​My Portfolio   to view your child’s Portfolio.

4.      Click on the portfolio item that you would like to look at.

5.      Underneath the work sample, there is a comment box.  We encourage you to leave comments.

6.      When you are done, you can click on the X in the top right corner in order to return to the portfolio.

7.      To log off at the end, make sure that you completely close the browser.​

Here is an editable version of these instructions to send home for parents:

This is an invitation to parents originally created by Corinne Wester:

Portfolio invitation 2020

Please feel free to copy these handouts and invitations for your use.  If you design one that you would like to share, please contact Kara Dawson: