Word Processing

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Use a word processing application to write, edit, print and save assignments. P P P P P
Highlight, copy and paste text within a document or from an outside source. (Link to lesson on how to use this to take proper notes) P P P P P
Use the menu/tool bar functions to format, edit and print a document. P P P P P
Insert, text wrap, resize images. P P P P P
Proofread and edit writing using built-in resources (i.e. dictionary, spell checker, thesaurus, grammar check, text to speech, visual processing options). P P P P P
Share documents to work collaboratively with others (comment function, peer editing). P P P P P
Use menu/toolbar to format research and reports in the proper format. P P P P P
Use the menu/toolbar functions to format a paper using MLA, APA or other appropriate style. P P P P P
Use adaptive technology to help with word processing (text to speech, speech to text, word prediction). P P P P P
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