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Note: Many of these are the same as those found in Primary Teachers Resources.

Login to access my cloud accounts.
(Office 365, Portal, MyEducation BC, Destiny, Resource Databases, Read and Write ) from anywhere
D D P P Play Video Button How to Open and Log in to Office 365

Logging in and Out of the Word App on an iPad 

Read & Write Student Login Poster

Read & Write Login Poster

Understand how cloud computing is different from using software applications. D D D P
Create, name, save, edit, copy and rename files and folders to organize documents and materials. E D D D Naming Documents in the Word App on iPad 

Using OneDrive to Save (Office 365)

Understand where files are being saved. D D P P A Graphic that Explains Saving 
Delete files and folders; recover deleted files and folders; empty trash. E E D D How to Recover Lost Files and Previous Versions
Retrieve previous file revisions/access revision history for documents located in cloud services. E E D D How to Recover Lost Files and Previous Versions
Upload/download/retrieve files to and from the cloud. D D D P
Can associate document extensions with appropriate file types. E D D P File Extensions
Use search tools to locate files and applications. D P P P
E = Emerging   D= Developing    P= Proficient   (O=optional) 4 5 6 7 Return to Technology Skills by Grade

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