Multimedia and Presentation:

I can… 8 9 10 11 12


Use a camera on a hand-held devices to take pictures and videos P P P P P
Save images in multiple formats. P P P P P
Record, edit and publish media P P P P P Play Video ButtonIntroduction to Image Editing and Altering Images (pptx)

Play Video Button Six Step Overview of How to Create Multimedia Videos on a Computer (pptx)

Create a multimedia presentation using text, visuals and audio to present research or covey an idea (imovie. Book creator, Sway, Powerpoint…) P P P P P Microsoft Sway:

Getting Started with Sway​

Setting up your Page in Sway​​

Creating Content in Sway​

Grouping your Cards

Add a working hyperlink to a multimedia presentation. P P P P P
Use graphic organizers, brainstorming applications, or other digital tools to gather and organize information. (Popplet, OneNote,morning calendar) P P P P P
Use basic drawing tools including pencil, text, paint brush, shape, line, undo, redo and eraser. P P P P P
Use text tool to add text features to artwork. P P P P P
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