Keyboarding and Output

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Use keyboarding programs (Typing Pal) and games to assist in development of skills. P P P P P Typing Pal Instructions (for SD#71 employees only)
Be aware of proper posture and ergonomics. P P P P P
Locate and use letter and number keys with left and right hand placement (home row). P P P P P
Locate and use correct finger/hand for space bar, return/enter and shift key. P P P P P
Learn to use special characters as needed (i.e. accents, tilda) P P P P P
Access points for all (UDL) 
Use keyboard orientation “knowing the location of the letters and characters” and typing speed should be a focus not necessarily home row P P P P P
Consider onscreen keyboards or keyboards on tablet screen if focus up and down (tracking) from screen to keyboard is difficult P P P P P On Screen Keyboard Tutorial

Windows On Screen Task Card

Use Word Prediction if word finding, spelling, typing speed or gross or fine motor are issues P P P P P IOS Word Prediction Tutorial

Chrome Extension Tutorial ReadWrite Word Prediction

Use speech to text as an alternative to keyboard to express ideas P P P P P Play Video ButtonTalk Typer Video

Chrome Talk-Typer Tip Sheet

How to Use Talk Typer on the Computer

SD#71 UDL Toolkit Task Card Talk Typer

Dictate Office 365 Word Installed

Dictation Chart

Commands you can use in Dictate in Office 365

SD#71 UDL Toolkit Task Card Enable Dictation

E = Emerging   D= Developing    P= Proficient   (O=optional) 8 9 10 11 12 Return to Technology Skills by Grade

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