Communication & Collaboration

I can… K 1 2 3


Be respectful in all communications and collaborations using technological tools. E E D D Online Manners Matter

Play Video ButtonNetiquette Only Lesson (Great 5 minute video)

Play Video ButtonCrazy for Computers (more great videos)

Use email, messaging and other tools to share information and communicate ideas with others. E E D D How to Access Student eMail 

How to Share Using Office 365

Compose and send an email. E D
Understand the difference between Reply Send, Reply All and Forward when responding to an email. E E Reply to Forward…
Understand the difference between CC (carbon copy) and BCC (blind carbon copy) and use them appropriately.
Attach a document or file to an email.
Download, upload, and attach files and folders via email or cloud services. E Play Video ButtonGetting Started with OneDrive

Using OneDrive to Save

Use a course or learning management system to access class pages, class calendars, portfolios and grades. E E D Help With Teams

Help with Scholantis

Use features of a course or learning management system to access and complete assignments. E E D
Set up, share and use collaborative workspaces, documents, or other digital tools. E D How to Share Using Office 365
Use virtual world and gaming tools to work collaboratively toward common goals E D Minecraft Education Edition
Use digital tools to mobilize a community toward a goal. E D
Create and maintain a digital portfolio or collection of works related to one’s learning. E D D Help with Scholantis
E = Emerging   D= Developing    P= Proficient   (O=optional) K 1 2 3 Return to Technology Skills by Grade

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