The Basics



I can… 4 5 6 7
demonstrate the proper shared computer etiquette in the computer environment (entering the lab, plugging it in again when done, no vandalism, no setting changes) P P P P Computer Lab Ettiquette

Computer Lab Rules

Identify different devices. (desktop, iPad, laptop, phone). P P P P iPad Skills Checklist
Turn on/off a computer, laptop and/or handheld device and login and logoff.
(tied to acceptable use)
Protect accounts by logging out of shared equipment. D D D P Logging in and out of Word app on ipads
Use a mouse, track pad, or touch screen to navigate devices. D P P P
Use selection tools to copy, paste, move and modify work. D P P P Pointer
Understand the difference between closing and quitting applications. P P P P
Use desktop icons, windows and menus to open and close applications and documents P P P P
Apply prior knowledge and basic troubleshooting to work with technology. D D P P
Select a Printer, change settings and print responsibly. D P P P
Use shortcuts and gestures to operate devices. D D P P Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcut Keys for Accessibility

iPad Skills Checklist

Use selection tools to copy, highlight, paste, move and modify work. D P P P
Navigate a web browser.
Refresh, forward, back, tabs, history, bookmarks, adding to a bookmark.
E = Emerging   D= Developing    P= Proficient   (O=optional) 4 5 6 7 Return to Technology Skills by Grade

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