What is Coding Quest?

This year, rather than having an in person arcade, we are planning to hold a virtual arcade. Students from all over our district will be able to play each other’s games online. The games will be created using Scratch. If you are interested, you can sign up through The Learning Partnership to get lesson plans with videos and worksheets that help guide students through creating a game.

Click here to go to the Learning Partnership Coding Quest. 

How do I participate?

If you are interested, please let Kara Dawson (kara.dawson@sd71.bc.ca )know. When students complete their games they need to email Kara the file of their game with their name and school.

What are the rules?

To keep this very simple, your game must teach the player something. It can be basic or complex depending on your skill level.


The Object of Coding Quest is to create a game that teaches the player something.  If  you a beginner, you might just be able to throw in a few facts or questions.  Here are some examples of games that teach the player something:

Natural Disasters (Board Game)

The Great Pyramids of Giza

Learning about Ancient Egypt

Math Practice Multiplication

Cat and Mouse Game

Math maze

How to submit your games to share:

There are a few ways you can share your games with me. Please make sure that you do not put your full name or any personal information in your game.

  • EASIEST WAY: Click on File at the top and then Save to your computer. This will save your game in the Downloads on  your computer.  Send me an email at kara.dawson@sd71.bc.ca and attach your game file to the email
  • Share  your game in Scratch (click on Share at the top of your screen). Then open it and click on Copy Link.  Send the copied link to me kara.dawson@sd71.bc.ca
  • If your teacher has a Studio, put it there and I will be able to get it if you email me the name of the studio

Why teach Coding?

Curriculum Covered:

Click the links below to discover which areas of the BC curriculum can be covered by creating games in Scratch:

ADST and Core Competencies in Scratch

Grade 4-8 Curricular Competencies 

Grades 4-8 Content 

Content from other subjects can be covered as well by through the content of the game.