What is the Code Quest Arcade?

This year we are planning to hold another live in person coding arcade! Students will bring their games to Lake Trail School on May 23th, 2024 and students from other schools will be able to visit and play the games and learn from them. Most of the games will be created using Scratch but there will be other exciting innovations to look at. If you are interested, please email Kara Dawson (kara.dawson@sd71.bc.ca) for more information.

Pinnguaq has taken over the Coding Quest lessons previously run by the Learning Partnership. You can find video tutorials here to do with your classes.

What are the rules?

To keep this very simple, your game must teach the player something. It can be basic or complex depending on your skill level. It can also be done in any program or robot with coding.

What Age Level?

Traditionally Coding Quest was designed for students grades 4-8 but if you have kids doing some coding who would like to come and share please contact Kara and we will find a way to include them. Students at any age level can code! It is a great way for students to show what they know in any subject.

Some Helpful Links  and Resources:

Game Design Booklet – Click here or on the image for a modified version of the Learning Partnership Coding Quest booklet.


Request a Teacher Account

Scratch Ideas Page: Tutorials, flashcards  you can print, project starters…


Coding Challenges

Coding Cheat Sheet-Teachers

Instructions to Create a Game with a Score

Instructions for Adding Questions to a Game


The Object of Coding Quest is to create a game that teaches the player something.  If  you a beginner, you might just be able to throw in a few facts or questions.  Here are some examples of games that teach the player something:

Natural Disasters (Board Game)

The Great Pyramids of Giza

Learning about Ancient Egypt

Cat and Mouse Game

Math maze

Why teach Coding?

Curriculum Covered:

Click the links below to discover which areas of the BC curriculum can be covered by creating games in Scratch:

ADST and Core Competencies in Scratch

Grade 4-8 Curricular Competencies 

Grades 4-8 Content 

Content from other subjects can be covered as well by through the content of the game.