Resources to get you started:

  • Getting Started – Here is a page of instructions for getting started in Book Creator-there is a slight difference between the online version and the app but they are basically the same
  • ​Resources​– Here you can find lesson ideas for all grades and subjects​
  • ​Blog-Check out this Book Creator blog for ideas to do with your class
  • Comics​ – Watch this quick video for an overview of creating comics
  • Using Book Creator in the Elementary Classroom ​– This Book Creator book is created by a Vancouver teacher, Karen Lirenman

Videos by Jane Rondow and Kara Dawson:

In this video Jane will take you on a quick walk through of Book Creator for the iPad. Book Creator is a great way for students to create multimedia presentations using text, visuals and audio to present research or convey an idea. It is a wonderful entry level way for students to show what they know and have success demonstrating their learning.

Resources to accompany the Book Creator Basics Session:

Simple iPad Book Creator tutorial

Accessibility Tools with Book Creator app on the iPad