• Book Creator is a versatile digital book-making tool suitable for all grade levels, accessible on iPad and the web.
  • Sign in using the SD71 login credentials.  Free for all Comox Valley School users.
  • Students use a class code to join and share their created books with the teacher and classmates through the class library.
  • A basic tutorial guides students in creating books, allowing them to choose templates, add content, and customize pages easily.
  • The tool provides various features like predictive drawing, language support in 10 languages, text-to-speech, and collaborative work across devices.
  • Book Creator supports accessibility with closed captions, screen reader compatibility, keyboard navigation, and offers a robust support library, including example books, lesson plans, and training resources.

book creator icon multicoloured background with dotted line book

Resources to get you started:

  • Getting Started Videos – iPad / Web Version
  • 50 Ways to Use Book Creator in the Classroom – This book is packed with resources covering every subject and grade level you can think of! Each idea in the book has been tried and tested in real-world classrooms, by teachers from around the world.
  • Book Creator ​Resources​ – Lesson ideas for all grades and subjects.
  • Book Creator Features – Learn about the features available in Book Creator, including collaboration, app smashing, multi-media additions, templates, graphic organizers, etc.
  • Templates – Choose from one of the beautifully designed templates to help spark creativity, save time, and focus on the writing. These templates are linked to academic themes spanning the breadth of the curriculum. Fun, engaging, and easy to use.
  • Comics – Make comics with Book Creator.
  • Foundational Literacy Templates – Student templates containing a range of research-based foundational literacy activities. Teachers can remix and share with students for free!