Definition: Inquiry Based Learning is learner driven (driven by curiosity, wonder, challenge, identified problems – must be authentic and meaningful to the learner) and follows a pattern of the learner asking questions and then gathering information to respond to those questions.  Throughout the process the responses are assessed, questions are refined and directions adjusted accordingly.  Ultimately, the findings are shared.  A key element of Inquiry-Based Learning is learner meta cognition.  (Ontario Ministry of Education, 2013)

The essence of inquiry …  “Inquiry … requires more than simply answering questions or getting a right answer. It espouses investigation, exploration, search, quest, research, pursuit, and study. It is enhanced by involvement with a community of learners, each learning from the other in social interaction.” (Kuklthau, Maniotes & Caspari, 2007, p. 2 as cited in Ministry of Ontario, 2012, p. 1)

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