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Seeing AI

seeing AI app icon, blue background with white eye shapeSeeing AI is a free (iPad) app created by Microsoft which narrates the world around you. It is helpful for people with visual impairments and people who need support with reading text and the world.

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Available on all SD 71 iPads

Text reads in both French and English to switch languages go to iOS Settings > Seeing AI > Preferred language  (select language)

  • Reads Short Text
  • Reads Documents
  • Product codes
  • Recognizes People
  • Describes Scenes
  • Identify Currency
  • Light
  • Colour
  • Reads Handwriting




Microsoft site about Seeing AI

App store link to Download Seeing AI app (iPad and iPhone)


SD71 Overview video for Reading Supports in Seeing AI

Overview video

Collection of Videos from Microsoft on the Features available in Seeing AI SEEING AI Video Collection


The Scenes features could be used to provide information about what is going on in the room prior to entering. A low tech Stop and Read the Room visual can also be used.

Stop and Read the Room Visual

The People feature could helpful for students who have trouble reading faces or emotions.

Introducing the app to students:

Have students go on a Read the Text hunt around the room or school using the Short Text tool. Have them share what they found. Try using a crop tool to zero in on the text to be read in books, newspapers, textbooks and print materials.