Texthelp PDF Reader with Office 365 (Online) in Google Chrome Browser through OneDrive

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File Types Supported


  • Use the Google Chrome Browser
  • Google Chrome Extension Texthelp PDF Reader
  • Installed on all SD71 computers
  • All staff and students have access to Texthlep PDF Reader and Office 365
  • Can be added to home or BYOD computers
  • File needs to be uploaded to OneDrive or opened in the Browser
  • PDFs need to be Accessible PDFs
  • available in multiple languages including French


  • Read text aloud
  • Look up words in the Dictionary and Picture Dictionary
  • Translate words
  • Highlight text
  • Build vocabulary lists
  • Typewriter Tool to annotate files or fill in the blanks
  • Word Prediction
  • Dictation
  • Freehand drawing tool
  • Shapes Drawing tool


TextHelp PDF Reader with Office 365 Uploading a file to OneDrive – Jan 2021

Writing on a PDF with Speech to Text on the computer

Downloading a PDF from Canvas

Uploading a file to OneDrive and using the Texthelp PDF Reader

Saving Printing an annotated Texthelp PDF document with text input

Texthelp PDF Reader with Office 365 Toolbar-chart

Changing languages in the Texthelp PDF Reader extension for Chrome


Using the Texthelp PDF Reader in Chrome with Office 365Save

Transform PDFs with Texthelp PDF Reader


Uploading and opening a PDF in OneDrive to be read with Texthelp PDF

Read&Write for Google Chrome™ – PDF Reader in Office 365

Using Texthelp PDF Reader and Read&Write for Chrome at home or on BYOD devices with SD71 account:

If you would like to install Texthelp PDF Reader extension for Google Chrome at home or on BYOD computers:

1. Make sure you have Google Chrome Browser loaded. ​

2. Go to the Chrome web store and install the Texthelp PDF Reader Extension and Read&Write Extension 

3. Once the above steps are complete. Open these 2 extensions are installed you will need to use OneDrive to access PDF documents. You can also use Read&Write by clicking on the Read&Write rw purple puzzle piece in the Chrome extensions area. Select and Signing in with Microsoft and Log in with your SD71 email.  
Student #@learn71.ca

4. Please also consider installing the Screenshot Reader



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