Activities & Lessons Ideas 

Below are some sample activities that could be used on site at the Courtenay Fish and Game Club or any other outdoor space.

Meet a Tree


  Consider taking a closer look at the ponds on the grounds at the Courtenay Fish and Game Club.  A comparative pond study, looking closer at the macroinvertebrates, drawing and observations.  Below is a link to the Tsolum River Restoration Society that links directly to their teacher resources on macroinvertebrates, and access to two water sampling activities.  The LRC also has two wonderful pond kits and many class sets of pond exploration supplies (ex. dip nets, magnifying glasses, magnifying containers).

Over and Under the Pond: (Environment and Ecology Books for Kids, Nature  Books, Children's Oceanography Books, Animal Books for Kids): Messner,  Kate, Neal, Christopher Silas: 9781452145426: Books - Tsolum River Restoration Society

Below are printable to run an experiential activity on site at the Courtenay Fish and Games Boom Town. 

This activity is designed to be a fun hands on exploration of the relationships between the varied social groups within early colonial Comox Valley.  Students will take on the roles of various people within a small town community during the ear of 1860’s to the early 1900’s.  Depending on the role they have been assigned students will experience the inequalities between different member of the community.

 This resource was graciously developed by Roslyn Shipp with the Cumberland Museum in summer of 2020.  Permission has been granted to adapt and edit the lesson to best suit your classes needs.

Activity Overview  –   Cowboy Town _ Settler Community Activity

Role playing passports