How to Use Microsoft Editor:

1.  When you are working on your Microsoft Word document (online or on the desktop version), click on the Editor icon at the top:


2. On the right side of the screen you will now see all of your options. Click on them to get suggestions to improve your paper.

Here is a quick video overview:

Plagiarism checker in Word

1.  Have the document open online (This will work really well if students have saved in OneDrive and then shared with you to edit – otherwise copy & paste student document in)

2.  Choose Editor

3. A tab will open on the right

4.  Scroll down until you see Similarity and click it


5.  Word will then tell you how much it has found that is copied

6.  This will pop up on the source – highlights the copied text in blue


And gives a student the opportunity to fix.  If used by a teacher, it will say where the source came from.