As your child approaches Kindergarten you may have questions about what to expect. Please visit our Kindergarten registration page for information that will be helpful and answers to some frequently asked questions.

Welcome to Kindergarten

As part of the transition to Kindergarten for your child, in the spring you and your child will be invited to attend a Welcome to Kindergarten event at the school where your child is registered.  At this event, a bag of materials is provided for each new Kindergarten student that will provide you and your child with playful learning activities you can do together.

This booklet, When I go to Kindergarten, was created by the Ministry of Education Early Learning team and is intended to be something you do together, celebrating the special person your child is!

Preparing for Kindergarten can have lots of big feelings–for both kids and caregivers! Our district counsellors have these timely documents for you to refer to as you navigate all the excitement and nerves and wonders about what Kindergarten will be like.

You will find these resources in your WTK bag.