digitalpassport –  Common Sense Digital Passport.  Click on the link to Resources at the bottom of the page to get a set of lesson plans to guide your students through many aspects of Digital Literacy.  The games are designed to reinforce the learning.  These lessons are mainly designed for grades 3-5 but I think students up to grade 7 could benefit from them. – Interland is a game put out by Google to teach online safety.

Here is a page of teacher resources to go with the games:

eSafety Resources–  The Yes project looks fantastic for middle school age students
 logo-education   You may need to create an account but it is very worth the time it takes and it is free. Here you will find a very nicely laid out Curriculum with lessons for all grades.
logo-education The Digital Compass Program is excellent for teaching intermediate digital citizenship. Right now it is Flash based but I managed to get it to work using Firefox for a browser rather than Google Chrome. Be sure to check out the teacher resources.
Netsmartz Student Project Kit – This guide takes you through  project for Digital Literacy designed for Middle School students.
utah – This site is extremely useful so make sure you check out the whole thing. I linked to videos because they are excellent!  Click here for a page of fabulous resources you can download to use with the videos.
netSmarz – Here you will find excellent videos and lessons. There is also a one hour course that you can take.
Everfi: Ignition Everfi Ignition: Everfi offers this free 6 lesson course on digital wellness. It lends itself really well to independent or online learning.

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