Number represents and describes quantity

4 Relationships that Will Increase Students’ Number Sense:

  • Spatial Relationships​​
  • One/Two More and Less
  • Benchmarks of 5 and 10
  • Part/part/Whole


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Three Act Tasks Explained.pdf

Lesson Ideas:

Partitioning Crayons

The Hungry Caterpillar 3 Act lesson (K/1) 
The Candyman 3 Act lesson (K/1)
Shark Bait 3 Act lesson (gr. 1/2)
Amazing Numbers in Animals Lives – Visualizing Bigger Numbers
Don’t spill the beans 3 Act lesson (gr. 2)
Pringle Ringle 3 Act lesson (gr.2/3)
The Whopper Jar 3 Act Lesson Plan

Cat companions

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