Online Virtual Manipulatives

​​​While you can find many of the manipulatives that you need to teach Math within the Smart Notebook program for your Smartboard or Projector, here are some links to sites with great virtual Math manipulatives:​

Virtual Math Manipulatives PDF

​Toy Theater – There are lots of different choices of virtual manipulatives here and they work on ipads in Safari. Bottom’s Up 120 chart is an option for multiples patterns. Hit up on the bottom of the screen ~
Didax Virtual Manipulatives​ – These work online and on ipads in Safari
Interactive manipulatives Interactive Manipulatives​ – This site features a wonderful list of links to online Math Manipulatives to use with your classes.
Math Playground Math Playground​ – There are some great manipulatives here for teachers.
Math Learning Center Math Learning Center – There are lots of great manipulatives here that are available online or you can use many of them as apps on an android or IOS device.
Illuminations Illuminations​ is designed by Math teachers and has some fabulous tools to help you teach Math.
Mathies ​– Here you can find Algebra Tiles, Calculators, Comparison Tools, Number Rods, Canadian Money (that looks like Canadian money) and more. The online manipulatives no longer work on Flash but there are many options to access on multiple device formats. Excellent resources embedded for teachers.
​Mathigon Polypad- An excellent site to use on your whiteboard (and computers, iPads). Explore Shapes, Number Tiles Algebra Tiles, Fraction Strips and more