Data and Probability

Grade 4 ~Analyzing data and chance enables us to compare and interpret.
Grade 5 ~ Data represented in graphs can be used to show many-to-one correspondence.
Grade 6 ~ Data from the results of an experiment can be used to predict the theoretical probability of an event and to compare and interpret.
Grade 7​ ~ Data from circle graphs can be used to illustrate proportion and to compare and interpret.

Inquiry:  What story does this data (photo/graph) tell? What does this data say to us?



Lesson ideas:

Graphing stories​

Probablility (Intermediate)

Online Resources:

Slow Reveal Graphs: an instructional routine that promotes sense making about data

Turner’s Graph of the Week:​ GOW archive

Financial Literacy:

Request a Financial Literacy Series​: CPA


What is going on in this graph?
What is the story?