Poetry Resources and Ideas:

  • ​If you are teaching an early primary class (K-2), use poetry to teach phonics skills!  In this unit (attached) your students will create a class book called the ‘Poet-Tree’.  Make sure you contact the Print Shop for pricing if you plan on publishing the book.  Prices will vary based on the number of copies, the size and quality of the paper, and the number of pages.
  • Take your iPads outside (when it’s not snowing) and take picture of nature then use the pictures and the app, Pic Collage, to create Nature Poetry. It is a great opportunity to teach about metaphors and similes. (Thank you Sam for this awesome idea!)
  • This is late notice but Cobblestone Collective is offering​​​ a “60-minute co-taught lesson for Grade 4 to Grade 6 classrooms on April 14th. You and your students will use graphic organizers to organize ideas and word choices and create their own Spring poem using a lesson inside Lumio by SMART (formerly known as SMART Learning Suite Online).”  Click here to register for this lesson and get your free ticket  (we have access to Lumio in our district-sign in with your sd71 address and password).
  • ​Speaking of Lumio, here is a Lumio link with Spring Poetry ideas to do with your grade 1-5 classes: ​Spring Poetry Activities 
  • Click here for another great Lumio collection of free Spring and Earth Day activities
  • Check out The Poetry Foundation for poetry to use for lessons and click on Learn to find guides to go with poetry and articles to help you teach it.​  You can even scroll down to find a collection of Spring Poems.
  • Ken Nesbitt’s ​Poetry4kids.com is an amazing resource with poetry and lessons to help you teach your students to write funny poetry.
  • Edutopia (one of my favourite online magazines) did an article in February that is worth reading to help guide your poetry unit (click on the image below):
  • ​​​​Shel Silverst​ein was one of my favourite poets when I was young and I couldn’t resist finding some links to his poems:   Shel Silverstein’s Website​ is full of printables and lesson plans for you to use to teach his fun poetry.  Here are 21 Short and Sweet Shel Silverstein Poems.​
  • The Poem Generator – Here you can “Write an Entire Poem in less than a Minute!”  Choose your type of poem and fill in the blanks to create it (there are lots more choices than you see in the picture)
    Poem Generator
  • ​​The Poetry machine – This is like the Poem Generator but for this one you write the poem more yourself using an example and guidance.
    Poetry Machine
  • Pic-Lits – Choose a picture and then drag words from underneath to create a poem. This one is easy and fun!
  • Verse By Verse – This Google AI page will allow you use famous poets to help you write your own poetry. The famous poets will suggest the next line for you!