4 Corners 
ABC Brainstorm
Anticipation Guide
Backwards Design WHERE
5~3~1 Determine Importance
2 4 6 8 Vocab Squares
Inside Outside Circles
Learning Intention
Let’s Connect
What I know
What’s My Line
Concept Map
Frayer Model
Images See Think Wonder
Inferring Word meaning
KWL and Wonder Web
Lifecycle Stages Draw and label
Note Making and Paragraph Writing
Four Quadrants
Text Features
Traffic Lights
Transforming Thinking
Turn it into a Question
Vocabulary List Sort Label & Write
What’s In What’s Out
Power Notes & Two Column Notes

These are links to some of our favourite nonfiction black line masters used to help students deepen their comprehension of text… before, during and after reading.

Compiled from a variety of resources by

Lynn Swift, Gail Martindale and Carol Walters