How can continuous reporting and regular home communication reinforce explicit classroom instruction to improve student learning and engage parents? (Ecole Robb Road)

How can we use e-portfolios to enhance student learning and communicate individual learning to parents? (Queneesh)

How can we better engage and empower students to use criteria to self-assess and include them within the e-portfolio as part of their learning journey?

How can we go about implementing E-portfolios and get parents and students involved in the assessment process? (Cumberland Elem)

What are the best practices using portfolios that will support our new curriculum implementation, improve student self-assessment and communicate needs within a 7 habits umbrella? (Aspen)

How can we use portfolios to enhance student learning?  (Grades K-7 Courtenay El.)

Can Eportfolio increase student engagement? (FI Ecole Robb Road)


Self Assessment and Continuum

How can we weave the successful learner traits into our current practices and increase student ownership of learning?

How can self-assessment allow students to take ownership to improve their learning (through awareness and engagement).

For beginning 2014/2015 school year it was “how do we engage students in self-assessment of their writing?” Now our new question is “how do we tie the self-assessment practices we have been building into our reporting?” (Aspen)

How using a writing continuum will help our students engage in writing, build awareness of their own development and take ownership of their assessment. (Brooklyn)

How do we further engage students in their own learning/writing using a writing continuum?     Chris Weber-RTI (Arden)

In what ways will AFL (Assessment for Learning) strategies increase student engagement and performance? (Airport)


How do we support the diverse literacy needs of our primary students? (Ecole Puntledge Park)

How do we increase student engagement and thinking/reading strategies in Math?(Queenesh)

How can we use recent, relevant research to improve our practice and collaborate together to improve primary student literacy learning at Queneesh?

How can increased student engagement with the grade 8 Science curriculum improve student success as measured by course completion rate, unit test marks and individual unit marks. (Navigate)

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