Word Processing

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Use a word processing application to write, edit, print and save assignments. E E D D Word Processing for Grades 2/3

How to Teach Microsoft Word to Kids

Play Video Button Microsoft Word Tutorials – click on YouTube to get more

Mystery Message Word Processing

Strips to cut out and hand out to students to help with the Mystery Message lesson

Highlight, copy and paste text within a document or from an outside source. (Link to lesson on how to use this to take proper notes) E E D D
Use the menu/tool bar functions to format, edit and print a document. E D D
Insert, text wrap, resize images. E D Play Video ButtonHow to Insert, Text Wrap, Resize Images
Proofread and edit writing using built-in resources (i.e. dictionary, spell checker, thesaurus, grammar check, text to speech, visual processing options). E E D Play Video Button Word Spell Checker and Grammar
Share documents to work collaboratively with others (comment function, peer editing). E Sharing Documents in Office 365
Use menu/toolbar to format research and reports in the proper format.
Use the menu/toolbar functions to format a paper using MLA, APA or other appropriate style.
Use adaptive technology to help with word processing (text to speech, speech to text, word prediction). E E D D Play Video ButtonMicrosoft Learning Tools

Immersive Reader with Word Online in Office 365 – Tip Sheet

Word Online Immersive Reader Options

Chrome Extension Tutorial Read Write Text to Speech

UDL Toolkit Task Card -Speak Screen Speak Selection

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