What are Spheros?

Sphero, is a small hand-sized ball you can program easily to change colors, run a circuit, keep beat with a song, and many other fun ideas.

The Sphero robot is fun for kids and fits well into school curriculums. For example, a Science teacher can use Spheros to replicate the orbits of planets around the sun, with each Sphero planet programmed to make a circuit identical to a real planet. Kids see an abstract idea — planets orbit around the sun in different paths at different rates — operate on the floor in front of them.  It also lends itself well to math lessons about geometry, distance and measurement and comes with a protractor.

Kids can control Sphero using an android or IOS portable device.  It can be easily controlled by dragging your finger on your device in the direction you wish it to go or you can control it using coding.  Sphero allows students to learn Math, Science, and Coding while experimenting with a fun, engaging robot.