Professional Learning Communities exploring differentiated methods to increase numeracy, number sense and engagement in math.

Goal 1: Analyzing trends in basic numerical operations (add, sub, mult, div) of all students moving from elementary Grade 7 to Grade 8 at G.P. Vanier Secondary.   Goal 2: Tracking (and possibly improving) automaticity in mathematics times table fact recall up to 144. (GP Vanier Secondary)

How can we address an eight grade span in math achievement in our school? (Huband Elementary)

Will the use of individual Math Kits/Hands on Manipulative bins improve foundation Math skills?

How can we get a deeper understanding of number sense?  How can we make children more successful?  How do we meet the different developmental stages of children? (Grades K-3)

How will Sumdog, Jump Math, Mastery of the Basics, and the Boost program improve math confidence, reduce anxiety, and improve student achievement?

How can a structured numeracy intervention approach help improve outcomes for struggling early primary learners? (K-1)

How do we increase student engagement and thinking/reading strategies? (Including Math strategies for Grades 6 & 7)


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