Read&Write for Google Chrome (Online)

Read&Write for Google Chrome (Online) with  SD71 Subscription

File Types Supported:

Chrome web browser websites, Office 365, and web bases subscriptions

chrome icon circle with 3 colours (green, red and yellow around) and a blue dot in the middle office 365 logo

MUST log in with SD71 Microsoft Account

Student = username (Password that the student uses to login to computers)

Staff = (Password that staff uses to login to computers)


  • Works with Office 365  in SD71 not Google Products (GSuite)
  • ​Installed on all computers in SD71
  • Available for home and BYOD computers (see install instruction below)
  • Tool Bar with the following supports
    • ​​Word prediction
    • Hover Speech
    • Dictionary (with Text to Speech)
    • Picture Dictionary
    • Text to Speech
    • Screenshot Reader
    • Speech Maker
    • Screen Masking
    • Speech Input (Speech to Text)
    • Translator
    • 4 Highlighters
    • ​​Collect Highlights​​
    • ​Vocabulary Builder
    • Simplify Page


Read&Write Chrome Toolbar Poster

Read&Write Google Chrome use in O365 Toolbar Diagram

RW4GC in Office 365 Key Tools for Specific Needs K-12

RW4GC Key Tools for Specific Needs K-12

ReadWrite for Google Chrome in Office 365 Quick Reference Guide

Read Write Chrome Login poster

Read and Write Student Login

ReadWrite Chrome Changing Language settings

RW Checklist with visuals Dogo News

Read&Write Screenshot Reader French Reading A to Z (video on 2nd slide)


Read&Write for Google Chrome and Office 365 (an SD71 and SETBC collaboration)

Text Help Training Portal


Read&Write for Google Chrome – Support for Webpages

(When they mention Google Drive and Google Docs we are a Microsoft District so it is OneDrive and Word)

Read&Write for Google Chrome  – Word Online Overview

Using Screenshot Reader Tool in Read&Write Chrome on a Word Document

Series of Videos on the SETBC website co-created by SD71 and SETBC

Using Read&Write for Chrome at home or on BYOD devices with SD71 account:

If you would like to install Read&Write for Google Chrome at home or on BYOD computers:

1. Make sure you have Google Chrome Browser loaded. ​

2. Go to the Chrome web store and install the Read&Write Extension 

3. Once the above steps are complete. Open Read&Write by clicking on the Read&Write rw purple puzzle piece in the Chrome extensions area. Select Sign in with Microsoft and Log in with your SD71 email.  

4. To use other Read&Write extensions consider installing the Screenshot Reader and Texthelp PDF Reader